Why Are Ford F250s So Easy To Steal? Shocking Secrets!

Why are Ford F250s so easy to steal?

An image of a Ford being stolen - Why are Ford F250s so easy to steal?
Why are Ford F250s so easy to steal? Image source: Canadian Underwriter Blog


Are you aware that thieves frequently target Ford trucks, making them one of the most stolen vehicle types in the United States and Canada?

This isn’t solely due to the immense popularity of the F-series.

Carjackers find the F-250 particularly vulnerable due to several security system flaws in the vehicle.


Why Are Ford F250s So Easy To Steal?


The 2007 and older Ford F-250 and other F-series trucks present a vulnerability in their security system because their ignition switch is conveniently located beneath the ignition column.

This accessibility allows thieves to effortlessly start the engine without requiring the key.

Additionally, the truck’s door offers another weak point in its security system, as the handle can be quite literally unscrewed, providing an easy entry for potential thieves.

Regrettably, some carjackers have adapted to modern technology, posing a threat to even newer models of the F-250.

They have the ability to clone or steal key fobs and use wireless transmitters to intercept the signals transmitted between the key fob and your vehicle, effectively bypassing the security.

Some criminals also possess specialized tools that can access the OBD2 port (onboard diagnostic port), tricking the truck into believing a new key has been programmed, thus facilitating the theft of the vehicle.

Notably, this entire process can be completed in a matter of minutes.


Why Do People Steal F-250’s?


The widespread theft of Ford F-250 vehicles can be attributed to several key factors.

Firstly, the high demand for Ford F-250 parts, particularly as these vehicles age, makes them lucrative targets for thieves.

Illegally selling these parts can fetch prices that far exceed their legitimate value.

Furthermore, there’s substantial international demand for these trucks.

In the event a carjacker successfully steals an F-250, it may end up being shipped overseas, where these vehicles are highly sought after.

In addition to their appeal to thieves, Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks possess the power to dislodge ATMs from the ground with ease, making them useful tools for various crimes.

This is just one example of the potential criminal applications of these pickups.

For some carjackers, older Ford models become the vehicles of choice for joyriding.

In such cases, there’s a greater chance of recovering your F-250 after the thieves abandon it once they’ve had their fill of reckless driving.

Finally, the sheer abundance of Ford pickups across the United States contributes to their high incidence on “most stolen vehicles” lists, as these vehicles are not only easy to break into but are also prevalent throughout the country.



Does Ford F-250 Have An Anti-Theft System?


Opt for an F-250 model manufactured after 2007 if possible.

Ford introduced electronic vehicle immobilizers around this time, which was not a mandatory feature before.

This technology effectively deters hot-wiring attempts.

The newer vehicles also boast a distinct ignition system that requires key chips for activation.

This feature significantly complicates the task of thieves attempting to start the engine without the correct key.

Certain Ford vehicles are equipped with the SecuriLock Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS), an engine immobilization system designed to prevent the engine from starting unless the individual possesses a coded key programmed for your truck.

However, it’s important to note that not all F-250s are equipped with PATS, and even if your truck has this anti-theft system, it does not provide an absolute guarantee against theft.


How to Make Your F250 Theft-Proof


Take precautions to protect your F-250 effectively:


  1. Park in well-illuminated areas and lock your car, even for short absences.
  2. If your key fob struggles to lock your truck, resort to using the key to avoid potential signal tampering.
  3. Utilize your garage when available to further secure your truck.
  4. Consider a Faraday bag to safeguard key fobs from signal interception.
  5. Source parts from authorized dealers and choose reputable repair shops, ideally approved by Ford, to discourage support for unauthorized repair establishments.
  6. Invest in comprehensive car insurance covering theft and vandalism, remembering it typically excludes personal property.
  7. Report the theft to the police immediately before filing an insurance claim.
  8. Explore security devices suitable for your F-250:
    • Install an ignition kill switch to disable the engine or starter circuit, thwarting thieves.
    • Opt for a professionally installed car alarm as a theft deterrent.
    • A car tracker, easily acquired online, can help locate your vehicle if stolen.
    • Enhance security with a steering wheel lock, deterring potential thieves.
    • Use a wheel clamp to immobilize the vehicle.
    • Modify the door lock or handle with specialized devices to add an extra layer of protection, discouraging quick theft attempts.


These measures can significantly enhance the security of your F-250 and deter potential carjackers.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Are Ford’s So Easy To Steal?


High-end vehicles with keyless entry and start systems are susceptible to “relay thefts.”

This is due to thieves’ use of hacking tools to compromise these advanced security features.


What is Ford theft mode?


The Ford F-150 features a passive anti-theft system (PATS), serving as both an alarm and an engine immobilization system.

Its purpose is to thwart theft attempts by ensuring that the engine cannot start unless the correct integrated keyhead transmitter is employed.





In conclusion, the ease with which Ford F250s can be stolen is a result of various security vulnerabilities in these vehicles.

While older models are particularly susceptible due to their ignition system and door design.

Newer models also face threats from tech-savvy thieves who can clone key fobs and exploit wireless transmitters.

The demand for F250 parts, both domestically and internationally, further fuels their theft.

To protect your F250, consider newer models with improved security features and additional safety measures like steering wheel locks and car alarms.

Vigilance and prudent security choices can help deter potential carjackers and safeguard your vehicle.

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