Where Are Ford Rangers Made? Inside Look at Their Worldwide Assembly Plants

Where Are Ford Rangers Made?

For a very long time, Ford Rangers have been highly regarded pickup trucks because of their toughness, reliability, and spirit of adventure.

However, a lot of people wonder where Ford Rangers originate from these days as car enthusiasts and prospective buyers want to find out more about the history of their chosen automobiles.

I will trace its path from assembly lines to roadways across the globe to investigate this history of global production.

Where are Ford Rangers Made? An image of a 2024 Ford Ranger parked in the forest
An image of a 2024 Ford Ranger parked in the forest. PHOTO: ford.com


Where Are Ford Rangers Made?

Ford Ranger Production Hubs Around The World


The Ford Ranger is produced in five locations worldwide, making it a truly global product: Silverton Assembly Plant in South Africa, Michigan Assembly Plant in the United States, Ford Thailand Manufacturing (FTM) and AutoAlliance Thailand (AAT), and the General Pacheco Assembly Plant in Argentina.

A Historic Overview of The Global Roots Of Ford Rangers

The history of this adaptable car is best illustrated by the Ford Rangers, whose first version arrived in 1983 as a budget-friendly pickup meant to go along with the company’s more expensive offerings.

However as they grew in size and capability, they were able to dominate the midsize truck vehicle market.

Ford has long been known for having a wide network of production facilities around the United States.

Historically, the Twin Cities Assembly Plant in Minnesota and other locations produced a large number of the original Ranger models.

Globalization, however, required Ford to modify its manufacturing approach, taking into account changes in production as well as developments in technology, such as the incorporation of contemporary Ford Car Stereo systems for improved in-car entertainment.

A Global Perspective About Ford Rangers

Production tactics changed as Ford started building automobiles at different factories across the globe to satisfy a wide range of customer demands.

Rangers are produced all over the world today, which is evidence of Ford’s commitment to providing top-notch goods to customers around the world.

  • United States

Ford continues to manufacture Ford Ranger models for North American markets at its Michigan Assembly Plant, which is located close to Wayne, Michigan, demonstrating its commitment to its home nation despite changes in the automotive sector.

  • Thailand

Early in the new millennium, Ford increased the scope of its Ranger production by setting up operations in Thailand at AutoAlliance Thailand (AAT), a joint venture between Ford and Mazda that produced vehicles for Southeast Asian markets as well as international distribution channels.

  • South Africa

South Africa plays a crucial role in the production of Ford Rangers.

In particular, the Silverton Assembly Plant, located close to Pretoria, serves the African and Middle Eastern markets by assembling Rangers to suit regional consumer tastes and requirements.

  • Argentina

Ford’s South American manufacturing network reaches Argentina, where the General Pacheco Assembly Plant, which assembles Ranger vehicles, has demonstrated its commitment to regional production while also satisfying market demands.

Evolution Of Ford Ranger Manufacturing

The start of Ford Ranger production is a journey where tough dependability and creativity collide.

Production methods have produced legendary Ford Rangers that stand for superior automotive design ever since they were introduced.

  • Early Production Years

Throughout its existence, the Ford Ranger has experienced numerous noteworthy changes.

Its production method changed as a result of market demands, going from a simple truck to a global phenomenon.

  • Shifting Production Sites

Take a look at Ford’s relocation chronology and the reasons that influenced it.

Ford relocated production plants strategically to fulfill worldwide demand.

Final Thoughts

Ford’s dedication to worldwide production guarantees that its midsize truck portfolio, which includes the Ranger, remains a formidable competitor across international borders as automotive manufacturing changes.

Wherever its owner may travel, from North American roadways to the varied landscapes of Africa, South America, or the Asia-Pacific area, this vehicle is ready for off-road adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where are the Ford Rangers made in South Africa?

The Silverton Assembly Plant

“South Africa is proud to play a role in its growth as the Next-Gen Ranger is sure to raise the bar yet again with the start of production in the Silverton assembly plant.”

In all, the Silverton Assembly Plant in South Africa manufactured 873 751 Rangers.

  • Is the Ford Ranger made in China?

China is now also producing the Ford Ranger pickup truck, which is in its fifth generation.

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