What Does XLT Mean On Ford? Surprising Truth!

what does XLT mean on Ford?

A photo of a Ford F-150 XLT - what does XLT mean on Ford?
what does XLT mean on Ford? Image source: Ford


Ford pickup trucks have earned their reputation for reliability and enduring performance.

However, with the expanding array of trim levels, understanding what each one represents can be daunting. Take the XLT, for instance.

Ford incorporates the XLT, or Extra Luxury Truck, trim level across multiple pickup truck models, notably the popular F-150.

Positioned as a bridge between entry-level and premium models, the XLT offers a balanced blend of convenience, luxury, and affordability.


What Does XLT Mean On Ford Trucks?


Ford offers the XLT trim level across its range of trucks, including both compact and full-size models.

Originally denoting “Extra Luxurious Truck” and introduced in 1970 as the top-tier trim for the Ford F100, today, the XLT sits one level above the base trim, making it less luxurious than its historical counterpart.

This trim level is now accessible across all Ford truck models, and it’s also available for vehicles such as the Bronco and Explorer.


What Is The Difference Between XL And XLT On Ford?


Apart from the diesel engine and a few enhancements, the primary distinctions lie in the appearance.

Since both packages offer optional upgrades, the choice essentially hinges on your preference for aesthetics.

Many individuals might find the XL version appealing.

You have the option to add features like carpets or heated mirrors for a customized specification that falls between the XL and the XLT.

If you lean towards a more luxurious experience, explore the higher F-150 trim levels, which include the Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Raptor, and Limited.

The top-tier Raptor or Limited models may not be practical for most people.

However, if neither the XL nor the XLT satisfies your needs, consider the Lariat or the King Ranch.

It’s worth noting that for new trucks, optional upgrades are available, making the choice of a trim level sometimes less straightforward.

For instance, you can have an XL that costs more and comes with better equipment than an XLT, which can be quite intriguing.



Is Ford XL Or XLT Better?


In terms of budget, the XL is the more economical choice, while the XLT offers additional luxury features.

For instance, the XLT comes at a premium of approximately $7,000 over the XL.

In return, you gain access to features such as a 12-inch touchscreen and SYNC 4.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming to save money and don’t particularly prioritize these extra features, the XL presents an excellent cost-effective option.


Does The Ford Trim Level Matter?


Every trim level holds significance when selecting a new truck.

Your goal is to ensure you acquire the features and equipment that align with your needs, avoiding unnecessary expenses on equipment you won’t utilize while ensuring you don’t overlook essential additions.

Thoroughly examining a truck’s trim levels before making a decision is crucial.

Ford’s website provides the option to explore each trim, offering an in-depth view of what’s included.

Additionally, you can conduct side-by-side comparisons of models to identify the unique offerings of each trim level.

This ensures you make an informed choice tailored to your requirements.


Is A Ford XLT Worth It?


Ultimately, the decision on whether the $41,800 MSRP for the Ford F-150 XLT is justified rests with you.

To provide some context, the XL trim, which serves as the base version, begins at $33,695.

It’s worth noting that while there is some overlap between the available features of the XL and the standard features of the XLT, certain features are exclusive to the XLT trim, which you won’t find in the XL version.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does Ford XLT Have Heated Seats?


Opt for a Ford XLT equipped with the 302A package to enjoy heated seats.

This premium XLT package includes a 12-inch touchscreen, SYNC 4, and various other features.

Alternatively, if you opt for a different package, you can easily add heated seats afterwards.

Many brands offer aftermarket heated seats for Ford trucks, so research to find the ideal set for your needs.


Does XLT Have Turbo?


You have the option to select the Ranger XLT grade with the highly desired 3.0-liter V6 turbo-diesel engine for an extra $3,200, making the total cost $65,190 before factoring in additional on-road expenses.


What Is The Engine Capacity Of A Ford XLT?


The following details apply to the 2021 Ford Ranger XLT 3.2 (4×4):

  • Four-wheel drive (4×4) is the drive type.
  • Five people can be accommodated in a four-door vehicle with a 3.2L DIESEL TURBO 5-cylinder engine as the engine type.
  • Six-speed automatic transmission – Power Output: 147 kW at 3000 rpm – Torque: 470 Nm @ 1500 rpm




The Ford XLT trim level offers a balanced blend of convenience, luxury, and affordability, serving as a middle ground between entry-level and premium models across Ford’s truck lineup.

Your choice between the XL and XLT should consider factors like budget, appearance, and the importance of luxury features.

Ultimately, selecting the right trim level is crucial to ensure you get the features that best align with your needs and preferences.


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