What Are The Different Models Of Ford Explorer?

The Ford Explorer, a mainstay in the SUV market for over three decades, has evolved through six generations to offer a variety of models catering to diverse needs.

From family-friendly features to off-road capability and sporty performance, there’s an Explorer to suit almost any driver.

This article will explore the current trim levels and some historical variants of the Explorer, helping you navigate the exciting world of this Ford SUV.

An infographic explaining The Different Models Of Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer models

The 2024 Ford Explorer lineup offers a diverse range of models, each tailored to meet unique preferences and requirements.

Below are the available models:

  • Explorer: The foundational model, providing essential features and comfort.
  • Explorer XLT: Enhances luxury and technology offerings.
  • Explorer ST-Line: Features a sporty appearance coupled with performance enhancements.
  • Explorer Timberline: Designed for off-road adventures, featuring rugged styling.
  • Explorer Limited: Offers upscale comfort along with additional luxury amenities.
  • Explorer ST: Delivers high-performance capabilities with potent engine options.
  • Explorer King Ranch®: Blends luxury with distinct styling elements.
  • Explorer Platinum: Represents the pinnacle of luxury with premium features.

Each model offers a distinct driving experience, ranging from practicality and reliability to luxury and performance.

For comprehensive details regarding specifications and features, you can explore the official Ford website.

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