How To Turn Off Service Light Ford Ecosport: Get Answers Here!

How To Turn Off Service Light Ford Ecosport

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It’s important to stay vigilant about your automobile in today’s world.

Neglecting even the most basic routine maintenance or failing to heed signs of abnormalities can significantly increase the risk of your car deteriorating.

Today, we’ll delve into one particular concern that troubles many motorists: the oil replace meter.

How can you deactivate the service light on your Ford Ecosport? To accomplish this, let’s first understand the significance of this meter.

Then, we’ll outline the steps to reset the service indicator on your Ford Ecosport.


How To Turn Off Service Light Ford Ecosport


The resetting methods for your car’s service indicator may vary depending on the year and options of your vehicle.

Here, I’ll provide you with the primary solutions to reset the service indicator on your car.



Turn Off The Service Light With The Button Of The Odometer


For the first solution, attempt turning off the car by pressing the odometer button on your Ford Ecosport.

Then, turn on the ignition while keeping the button pressed for 10 seconds.

Afterwards, turn off the ignition and start the vehicle to confirm if this procedure is compatible with your Ford Ecosport.


Turn Off The Service Light By The Turn Alert Comodo


For the second option, you can disable the service light of your Ford Ecosport using the flashing hazard light switch.

With the engine off and the ignition on, press the button on top of the hazard light switch until a symbol resembling a tank with a drop of oil appears on your dashboard.

Keep the button pressed until the indicator light disappears.


Turn Off The Service Light On Ford Ecosport Using An OBD Diagnostic Tool


To reset the drain indicator of your Ford Ecosport, applicable to all models, you’ll need a diagnostic tool that interfaces with the vehicle’s computer via the diagnostic plug.

An OBD tool, priced between 10 to 50 euros, is required for this task.

Instructions on using the tool can be found in our content on Ford Ecosport: how to read a fault code on Ford Ecosport.


Turn Off The Service Light Using The Service Manual Of Your Ford Ecosport


Finally, while it may seem obvious, you will find the exact process tailored to your vehicle model in the vehicle service manual.

If none of the provided techniques work, please refer to the manual for further assistance.


What Does The Indicator Service Light On The Ford Ecosport Mean?


The purpose of this meter is to alert you to the need for routine service on your Ford Ecosport, specifically oil replacement.

Depending on your car’s engine type and the type of oil used, this service may be required every 15,000, 20,000, or 30,000 kilometres. A determination made by the manufacturer.

Typically, you will notice this warning light in the form of a flat key on your dashboard when you start your Ford Ecosport.

This indicator is also sometimes referred to as the service light on the Ford Ecosport.


Why Reset The Service Light To Zero On Ford Ecosport?

A photo of a Ford Ecosport - How To Turn Off Service Light Ford Ecosport
How To Turn Off Service Light Ford Ecosport | Photo Credits: Wikipedia


When your mechanic conducts your oil replacement, they are expected to reset this light to alert you when the next oil change is due.

They also ensure the service light illuminates when maintenance for your Ford Ecosport is required.

However, whether you perform your own oil replacement or not, you will need to reset this counter for the same reasons.

Another scenario is when you conduct your own oil change and you plan to resell your Ford Ecosport. It is beneficial for the future buyer to have assurance that routine service has been performed on the vehicle.

Feel free to refer to our content on selecting the appropriate oil for performing an oil change on the Ford Ecosport.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Spanner Warning Light On A Ford EcoSport?


The wrench light illuminates when the vehicle detects a powertrain-related fault.

It is typically associated with issues related to the transmission, engine, or AWD system for Ford vehicles.


Can I Drive My Ford With The Wrench Light On?


Neither light should be disregarded. If you notice any dashboard indicator, it’s crucial to schedule a digital vehicle inspection in Littleton CO promptly.

Ignoring the Check Engine Light or the Ford wrench light can lead to catastrophic failure.




In conclusion, staying proactive about maintaining your automobile is essential in today’s world to prevent potential deterioration.

If you’re facing the challenge of turning off the service light on your Ford Ecosport, there are several methods you can try.

Whether it’s using the odometer button, the hazard light switch, or an OBD diagnostic tool, there’s a solution available for you.

Additionally, consulting the vehicle service manual can provide tailored instructions for your specific model.

Remember, the service light indicates the need for routine oil replacement.

Resetting it ensures timely maintenance reminders and adds value if you plan to resell your vehicle.

Lastly, it’s important not to ignore dashboard indicators like the service light or wrench light.

This is because prompt action can prevent catastrophic failure.

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