How To Reset Oil Light On Ford Fiesta. Unlock The Secret!

How To Reset Oil Light On Ford Fiesta

A photo of a Ford Fiesta - how to reset oil light on ford fiesta | Photo Credits: Wikipedia
how to reset oil light on ford fiesta | Photo Credits: Wikipedia


The oil light is an important component of the Ford Fiesta’s warning system, prompting concern for owners when it blinks.

So, how can you reset your Ford Fiesta’s oil light?

You can reset the oil change light easily by utilizing the ignition key, brake, and accelerator of your car.

However, for a low-pressure oil warning light, an OBD 2 scanner may be required.

The procedure may vary slightly depending on your car’s model.

Here, I will offer tips on resetting both the yellow and red warning oil lights of your Ford Fiesta. Let’s delve into it!


Oil Light Meaning In Ford Fiesta


There are two types of oil lights: one indicating the need for an oil change and the other signaling low oil pressure.


Oil Change Light

The oil change warning light resembles a dripping oil can with a vibrant yellow color and typically accompanies a sound.

It serves as a maintenance reminder and may display a warning message like “Change oil now” if oil change is overdue.

Upon seeing this light, the first step is to promptly change the oil in your car to safeguard both the engine and the environment from potential harm.


Oil Warning Light

The low-pressure oil warning light shares the same icon as the oil change light but is red in color.

It activates when oil pressure drops too low or when the engine oil level is insufficient.

Failure to address this warning may lead to technical malfunctions or even engine failure.

This issue significantly contributes to car accidents, with a fatality rate of 1.65%.

Below, I’ve outlined the procedures for addressing both types of oil light issues. Let’s delve into them!


How To Reset Oil Light On Ford Fiesta

A photo of a dashboard showing oil light - how to reset oil light on ford fiesta
how to reset oil light on ford fiesta | Photo Credits: Reddit


Step 1 – Prepare the Automobile:

Ensure your car is parked on a safe and flat surface.

Turn off the engine and allow the car to cool down for a few minutes before proceeding.


Step 2 – Turning the Ignition On:

Using the ignition key, turn the car on without starting the engine.

For vehicles equipped with a start button, press it for 2 seconds.

In this stage, do not depress the brake pedal.


Step 3 – Engage the Accelerator and Brake:

Simultaneously press down on the accelerator and brake pedals, ensuring they are fully depressed.

After three seconds, the system will indicate that the reset process has begun.


Step 4 – Completing the Reset Process:

Upon seeing the initial message, continue pressing the pedals for a few more seconds.

For Ford Fiesta models from 2010-2014, maintain pressure for 15 to 20 seconds.

For 2015 and later models, press both pedals for 20-25 seconds.

Once completed, a message confirming the reset will appear on the dashboard screen.


Step 5 – Wrapping Up and Test Driving:

Release the accelerator and brake pedals, then turn off the ignition key to extinguish the oil light indicator.

Afterwards, perform a test drive and thoroughly check all systems for proper operation.



How To Reset The Low Oil Pressure Warning Light On Ford Fiesta?


Using An OBD 2 Scanner To Reset The Light


Step 1 – Obtaining the Trouble Code and Resolving Issues:

Connect the vehicle to the OBD 2 port with the ignition turned on.

The scanner will retrieve the diagnostic trouble code and display live engine conditions on the dashboard screen.

Based on the diagnosed oil pressure problem, take the following actions:

  1. Addressing Low Oil Level: If the scanner detects low oil level, add the recommended type and amount of oil as per the user manual.
  2. Resolving Leakage: Repair minor leaks with a stop leak additive. For significant leaks, seek professional assistance for engine replacement.
  3. Replacing Oil Filter and Oil Pump: If the scanner detects blockages in the oil filter or pump, replace them with identical models to ensure proper oil flow.
  4. Fixing Timing Belt Issues: Replace the timing belt if necessary. If inexperienced, consult a professional or mechanic for assistance.


Step 2 – Clearing Fault Codes:

After resolving issues with Fiesta’s oil pressure system, clear the fault codes displayed by the scanner to reset the oil pressure warning light.

Note: Simply clearing fault codes without addressing underlying issues will only temporarily reset the warning light.

Failure to address the root cause may result in recurring issues and potential engine damage.

Ensure all issues are properly resolved to prevent the low-pressure oil warning light from reactivating.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Is The Oil Light On In My Ford Fiesta?


When the Ford engine oil warning light illuminates, it’s important to promptly stop the vehicle and switch off the engine.

Take a moment to inspect the area beneath the car for any visible signs of oil leaks.

Next, assess the oil levels and add more oil if needed to maintain proper levels.



What Triggers An Oil Light To Come On?


The oil warning light may indicate several potential issues.

These include prolonged intervals since the last oil change, indicating a need for immediate attention.

Additionally, a significant oil leak could trigger the warning light.

Another possibility is a clogged oil filter, often resulting from infrequent oil changes.

Alternatively, the engine may be burning oil, depleting the oil level and activating the warning light.




In conclusion, resetting the oil light on your Ford Fiesta is essential for maintaining proper vehicle functionality and safety.

By following the outlined steps, you can easily reset both the oil change light and the low-pressure oil warning light, ensuring your car operates smoothly and efficiently.

Regular maintenance and prompt attention to warning lights are vital for preventing potential engine damage and ensuring a safe driving experience.

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