How to Remote Start Ford Edge, Remote Starting Strategies for Your Ford Edge

The Ford Edge, a popular midsize crossover SUV, offers a range of features designed to enhance convenience and comfort.

Among these features is a remote start, which allows you to start your vehicle from a distance.

Whether you’re dealing with extreme weather conditions or simply want to pre-condition your car, remote start can be a game-changer.

In this article, we’ll explore how to use remote start on your Ford Edge, discuss other Ford models with this feature, and highlight the benefits of incorporating it into your daily routine.


What Is Remote Start?

Before diving into the specifics of Ford Edge remote start, let’s understand what this feature entails. Remote start enables you to ignite your vehicle’s engine from outside the car.

Whether you’re battling chilly winters or sweltering summers, remote start ensures your Ford Edge is ready to roll when you step inside.

How to Remote Start Ford Edge

  1. Using Your Key Fob:
    • Press the lock button on your Edge’s key fob.
    • Within three seconds, press the remote start button twice on the key fob.
    • The turn signal lights will flash twice, indicating that the engine has started.
    • The engine will run for a maximum of 15 minutes before automatically shutting off.
  2. Using the FordPassTM App on Your Phone:
    • The FordPassTM App allows you to start your Edge remotely using your smartphone.
    • Simply follow these steps:
      1. Lock your vehicle.
      2. Unlock it.
      3. Start the engine.
    • The app also provides additional control over climate settings, allowing you to adjust the temperature before entering the car.

Ford Models with Remote Start

While the Ford Edge offers remote start as an optional feature, several other Ford models come equipped with it as standard. Let’s explore which models include this convenient functionality:

  1. Ford Escape: Both the Escape ST-Line Select and Escape Platinum variants feature remote start.
  2. Ford Bronco Sport: Models like the Outer Banks, Heritage Limited, and Wildtrak come with remote start.
  3. Ford Explorer: Enjoy the convenience of remote start in the Explorer.
  4. Ford Expedition: High-spec Expedition models include this feature.

Benefits of Remote Starting Your Ford Edge

  1. Convenience:
    • Start your car, adjust the temperature, and even queue up your favorite tunes—all before stepping foot inside.
    • No more shivering in the cold or sweating in the heat while waiting for your car to warm up or cool down.
  2. Safety:
    • Keep your doors locked while remotely starting your Edge.
    • Check your car’s health, including oil levels and engine status, through the FordPass™ App.
  3. Comfort:
    • Pre-condition your vehicle by setting the desired interior temperature.
    • Leather seats won’t feel like ice blocks in winter, and metal components won’t scorch your skin in summer.
  4. Fuel Efficiency:
    • By allowing the engine to warm up before driving, you improve fuel efficiency.
    • Reduced wear and tear on the engine contributes to long-term savings.

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