How to Open Trunk on Ford Ecosport. Unveiling Trunk Secrets!

How to open trunk on Ford Ecosport?

An Image of a Ford Ecosport trunk - How to open trunk on Ford Ecosport
How to open trunk on Ford Ecosport | Photo credit: KGAN Site


Opening the trunk of your Ford EcoSport might pose an initial challenge.

Unlike other market-available cars, it requires a distinct procedure.

To access the EcoSport trunk, follow these steps:

  1. Pull the trunk release button.
  2. Pull the trunk open lever located near the tail light.


These steps should fully open the trunk.

However, some individuals might struggle to locate the trunk release button.

For a comprehensive understanding, read this article attentively. Let’s dive in!


How to Open Trunk on Ford Ecosport?


Opening a Ford EcoSport trunk doesn’t have a definitive right or wrong method.

However, adhering to the steps delineated in this article can facilitate a swift and effortless trunk access. Let’s delve into these steps:

Step 1: Pull the Trunk Release Button

To initiate the process, take the driver’s seat as half of the task unfolds from here.

Underneath the driver’s side dashboard, precisely positioned, is the trunk release button.

This button is instrumental in unlocking your Ford EcoSport’s trunk.


Step 2: Engage the Trunk Open Lever

With the trunk partially accessible, the final stage remains.

Leave the driver’s seat and head towards the tail light.

Here, a pull lever awaits your action. Gently pull it, and you’ll witness the trunk smoothly opening up.


How To Open Trunk on Ford Ecosport From Inside?


We trust that you’ve discovered the method to unlock your Ford EcoSport’s trunk.

By now, you’ve identified the locations where the entire process unfolds.

This procedure requires a combination of actions from both inside and outside your vehicle.

Half of the process unfolds from the driver’s seat, while the remaining steps are completed at the rear of the car.

While some might seek an entirely interior-based approach, it’s essential to note that following such a method could deviate from the owner’s manual.

We’re confident that the method we’ve outlined here will prove satisfactory in your trunk-opening endeavours.


How To Open Ford Escosport Trunk With Remote Control


For more recent models, unlocking the trunk of your Ford EcoSport involves utilizing the remote control.

EcoSport owners may observe that the third button on the remote control remains unused.

However, you can repurpose this button to serve as a trunk opener, with a few essential steps to follow.

Step 1: Activate the Button

Begin by placing an eraser beneath the button.

This straightforward procedure takes only a few minutes and doesn’t necessitate specialized equipment.

It’s important to note that this modification applies solely to Ambiente and Trend variants.

For Titanium variants, a distinct procedure exists for remote control modification.


Step 2: Open the Trunk

Initially, unlock the vehicle using the remote.

Then, proceed to double-press the newly activated button.

This action triggers the trunk to open, facilitating effortless loading and unloading of your belongings.


How To Close The Trunk Of A Ford Ecosport


In addition to knowing how to open the trunk of the Ford EcoSport, it holds equal significance to understand the correct procedure for closing it.

After you’ve completed loading or unloading, adhere to the following steps to ensure proper trunk closure:

Step 1: Push the trunk back to its original position.

Step 2: Allow a moment for the trunk to naturally fall and latch securely on its own. The Ford EcoSport’s trunk should fit snugly onto the latch when it engages.

Step 3: Utilize the remote to lock the entire vehicle’s system.

Following these steps will help guarantee the trunk is securely closed after use.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to remove the luggage cover from the Ford?


Absolutely, this vehicle is equipped with a luggage cover that offers easy removal whenever desired.

Removing the luggage cover involves a straightforward process consisting of two simple steps. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1:

Release the cover from the latch by pulling the central handle located on the cover.

Once the handle retracts, proceed to the next step.

Step 2:

Hold onto the two ends of the seat cover and pull the spring-loaded ends towards the center of the luggage cover.

This action will cause the cover to be removed, allowing you to conveniently take it off.


Why is the trunk not opening on my Ford Ecosport?


Frequently, the trunk door on the Ford EcoSport fails to open due to a broken lock actuator.

To rectify this issue, the lock must be removed for repair.

If the door remains shut and the opening button fails to function initially, you’ll need to press it repeatedly until the trunk finally opens.


Where is the trunk button on a Ford Ecosport?


An image of a Ford Ecosport Trunk - how to open trunk on Ford Ecosport
How to open trunk on Ford Ecosport | Photo credit: Wendle Ford Sales Site




In conclusion, understanding how to open and close the trunk of your Ford EcoSport is essential for a seamless driving experience.

Whether you’re using the interior controls, the remote control, or dealing with a potential issue like a broken lock actuator, these steps provide valuable insights into effectively accessing and securing your trunk space.

Additionally, being aware of the option to remove the luggage cover adds to the vehicle’s versatility.

By following these procedures and guidelines, you’ll master the art of managing your EcoSport’s trunk functionality.

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