How To Open Hood On Ford Fusion? Secrets Revealed!

How to open hood on Ford Fusion?

A photo of a Ford Fusion's hood - How to open hood on Ford Fusion?
How to open hood on Ford Fusion? Image source: Motor Team Inc Site


Have you ever left your car key inside the vehicle?

Did you find yourself preparing for a meeting only to discover that your car battery had died?

Such situations can be frustrating, unsettling, and distressing.

In some cases, attempting to resolve the issue could result in the car hood getting stuck.

Nevertheless, when you successfully open the hood from the outside, it’s essential to address the root cause of the problem.

This may involve installing a new battery or having a spare one on hand.

In this article, we will explore the best practices for opening a car hood from the exterior.


How To Open Hood On Ford Fusion?


If the interior release latch in the vehicle fails to respond, you can still open the car hood without it by following these steps:

  1. Go outside the car with a bent hook, which could be a long welding rod.
  2. Locate the cable that connects to the hood latch inside the car.
  3. Use the welding rod or any bent hook to pull off the spring connected to the cable.
  4. Pry up the hood mechanism.
  5. Gently lift the hood slightly; this should cause it to pop up a bit.
  6. Reach under the hood and pull the latch in the usual manner to fully release it.



How To Open Hood On Ford Fusion From Outside?


Don’t stress over getting locked out of your car; solutions are available.

You’ll primarily need two sets of tools for this task: a spanner and copper wire, as well as a screwdriver.

Obtain a sturdy copper wire and a spanner; these will be essential for the procedure.

You may also consider getting an underhood work light if the area beneath the hood is poorly lit.

1. Position yourself at the front of the hood.

2. Insert the copper wire into the spring that holds the hood latch.

3. Use the spanner to shift the latch to the left, causing the hood to pop open instantly.

If you don’t have the mentioned tools, a screwdriver can suffice.

Simply use it to directly manipulate the latch and open the hood.

It’s a straightforward process. For a visual demonstration of how to open a vehicle hood from the outside, refer to the accompanying presentation.


How To Open Hood On Ford Fusion When The Battery Is Dead?


If you find yourself needing to access the hood of your Ford Fusion but are locked out due to a dead battery, follow these steps:

  1. Retrieve the key from the key fob.
  2. Insert the key into the key slot beneath the driver’s door handle and unlock the door.
  3. Now, locate the hood release latch positioned on the floor beneath the steering wheel.
  4. Pull the hood release lever and exit the vehicle.
  5. Proceed to the front of the vehicle and locate the hood release lever on the right side of the hood.
  6. Finally, prop open the hood and locate the battery for jumpstarting.


Vehicles equipped with key fobs like the Ford Fusion can be a bit perplexing for first-time users.



How To Open Hood On Ford Fusion With A Broken Cable


If you’re faced with the challenge of opening the hood of a car with a broken cable, there’s no need to worry.

It’s common for a car hood cable to break due to prolonged use or corrosion.

Fortunately, you can still access your hood even with a broken cable. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Attempt to open the hood by holding the release latch with pliers and pulling it to see if it will release the hood.

2. If the release latch doesn’t work, look for a slight indent located behind the front grille of your car. Beneath the front grille, you’ll find a spring lever within this indent.

3. Utilize a large flat screwdriver to engage the release cables. You can trigger them by either pushing or pulling the loop at the end of the cables to release the hood.

By following these steps, you can open the hood even when the cable is broken.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where Is The Hood Release Button


Typically, the hood release button is situated near the driver’s side kick panel.

If you can’t find it there, we recommend checking just under the dash on the left side as an alternative location to locate the hood release button.


What Is A Hood Release Lever?


This handle is linked to an insulated cable that extends toward the front of the vehicle.

The opposite end of the cable is connected to a latch beneath the hood, which secures the hood tightly against the car’s body.

When you pull the interior release handle, it disengages the latch, allowing the hood to open slightly.




In various situations, you can successfully open the hood of your Ford Fusion.

When faced with challenges like a dead battery or a broken cable, it’s essential to have the right knowledge and tools at your disposal.

Firstly, if the interior release latch fails to respond, you can resort to using a bent hook or a screwdriver to release the hood from the outside.

Secondly, when dealing with a dead battery and locked doors, follow these steps: retrieve the key from the key fob, unlock the door, and access the hood release to jumpstart the battery.

Thirdly, even if the cable is broken, you can still open the hood by manipulating the release cables located behind the front grille.

Lastly, remember that the hood release button is typically located near the driver’s side kick panel or just under the left side of the dash. Understanding the hood release lever and cable mechanism is essential for successful operation.

In summary, having a good understanding of these methods and mechanisms will help you effectively open the hood of your Ford Fusion in various scenarios.

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