How To Open Ford Ecosport Trunk? Unlocking Secrets Revealed!

How to open Ford Ecosport trunk?

An image of a Ford Ecosport trunk - How to open Ford Ecosport trunk?
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When you initially attempt to open the trunk of your Ford EcoSport, you might find it challenging because it differs from the standard trunk-opening methods of most other cars.

It requires a unique procedure.

To open the EcoSport trunk, you should start by pulling the trunk release button, followed by pulling the trunk open lever located near the tail light.

This sequence should fully open the trunk, and it’s the necessary process for opening the EcoSport trunk.

However, there are instances where individuals struggle to locate the trunk release button. Read on to learn how to open the Ford Ecosport trunk.


How To Open Ford Ecosport Trunk?


Opening a Ford EcoSport trunk doesn’t have a specific right or wrong method, but the following steps detailed in this article can make the process quick and easy.

Let’s explore these steps:


Step 1: Locate the Trunk Release Button


Start by taking the driver’s seat, as this is where you’ll initiate the process.

Just beneath the driver’s side dashboard, you’ll find the trunk release button.

This button is used to open the trunk of your Ford EcoSport.


Step 2: Operate the Trunk Open Lever


With the trunk partially open after using the release button, you need to complete the process.

Exit the driver’s seat and go to the rear of the vehicle near the tail light.

On the tail light, you’ll notice a lever that you should pull to fully open the trunk.

If you have trouble locating the lever, you can refer to the provided image, where the marked area indicates the lever you need to pull.

Once you’ve pulled it, the trunk will open. That concludes the trunk-opening process.



Is It Hard To Open Ford Ecosport Trunk?


Opening the trunk of a Ford EcoSport can be challenging for some individuals, especially those who are new to the EcoSport model.

However, in reality, this process is simpler compared to other car brands and models.

New users may encounter difficulty when attempting to locate the trunk release button because it is not immediately obvious.

The trunk release button is situated just beneath the dashboard on the driver’s side.

To be more precise, you will find the button in close proximity to the door button or above the brake pedal.


How To Open Ford Ecosport Trunk From Inside?


To unlock your Ecosport’s trunk from the interior, follow these steps:


  1. First, fold down the rear seats to gain access to the trunk from inside the car.
  2. Then, remove the trunk cover and the right tail light, which hides the lock solenoid.
  3. Finally, push on the piston to release the trunk, but be prepared to replace the solenoid, as it may require replacement.


What Should You Do If The Trunk Doesn’t Open During Winter?


If you encounter difficulty opening the fifth door during the autumn or winter months, it may be due to the rubber seal on the lock freezing from moisture buildup and exposure to sub-zero temperatures.

To address this issue, you can:

  1. Allow some hot air into the car and leave it for 20 minutes. This will warm up the interior and the body, causing the mechanisms to unfreeze. If you’re short on time and need to open the trunk quickly:
  2. You can use liquid defrosters to help thaw the frozen lock.

    In cases where the car has a central locking system, and all doors open except for the rear, it may indicate a malfunction in the system. To reset it, follow these steps:

  3. Reset the battery terminals to potentially resolve the issue with the central locking system.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Can I Open My Trunk Without The Key?


An alternative and straightforward solution is to utilize the trunk release button located within the car.

This feature is common in many modern vehicles.

If you have access to the car’s interior through an open door or window, this can quickly resolve the issue for you.


Can You Pick A Lock On A Car Trunk?


I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but picking a car trunk lock without causing damage to the vehicle is a challenging task.

It’s advisable to contact a locksmith or find an alternative method, such as unlocking a different door, to access the trunk.

If you don’t mind potential damage or the need to replace the lock, you could attempt to use a screwdriver to pry the lock open.

However, this may result in harm to the trunk lock mechanism.




Opening the trunk of a Ford EcoSport may initially seem challenging due to its unique procedure.

Especially for those new to this model.

For those who struggle to find the lever, a marked image can provide guidance.

Once you’ve pulled the lever, the trunk will be fully open. This completes the trunk-opening process.

In summary, the trunk release button is conveniently located beneath the driver’s side dashboard.

The lever for full trunk access can be found near the tail light.

This method is more straightforward than many other car models, making the EcoSport trunk easy to open.

Additionally, we discussed how to open the Ford Ecosport trunk from inside the car and provided solutions for dealing with trunk lock issues during winter months or when the central locking system malfunctions.

Remember, if you need to open the trunk without the key, utilizing the trunk release button from within the car is a common and effective solution.

However, attempting to pick a car trunk lock is a challenging task and may result in damage, so it’s advisable to seek professional help or explore alternative access methods.

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