How To Bypass Ford Pats System Without A Key – Ultimate Guide!

How to Bypass Ford Pats System Without a Key.

How to Bypass Ford Pats System Without a Key
How to Bypass Ford Pats System Without a Key – Photo credits: blog pro automotive


Ford introduced the PATS system to enhance the security of your vehicle against theft.

However, many of us perceive it as a nuisance that hinders the straightforward replacement of the ignition key, prompting us to seek alternative solutions.


How To Bypass Ford Pats System Without A Key


The primary purpose of the PATS system is to hinder the starting of the vehicle without the original key containing the transponder chip.

Bypassing it is impossible without the key.

However, if you possess the original key, there is a method to permanently bypass the PATS system.


What Is The Ford Pats System?


Introduced in 1996, Ford’s Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS), also known as Ford Securilock or the engine immobilizer, serves as an anti-theft measure by allowing the car to start only with the original key.

This deters theft through lock picking, even if the thief possesses an identical key.

The system comprises several components, including the encoded ignition key, transceiver module, powertrain control module, standard corporate protocol communication network, theft indicator, and instrument cluster.

The encoded ignition key contains a chip emitting a unique RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) signal, lasting a lifetime without requiring batteries.

Upon inserting the encoded key, the signal is received by an antenna in the steering wheel column shroud.

When turning the key to start the engine, the antenna relays the signal to the transceiver module, which then communicates with the instrument cluster and power control module over the standard corporate protocol (SCP) communication network.

The system is permanently paired and challenging to bypass or hack.

Even with a disconnected battery, the internal memory retains the only RFID capable of starting the vehicle.

Any unauthorized attempt to start the vehicle triggers a theft indicator on the dashboard to alert the owner.


Can You Bypass Pats Without a Key


If you lack the original key, you have two options:

  1. Call a locksmith or the dealership for on-location assistance.
  2. Purchase a car key programmer.

Opting for a local locksmith or mechanic is the more economical choice, costing between $100 and $200 if they can perform the task.

While licensed dealership technicians charge more, both options are more budget-friendly than investing in a diagnostic and programming tool.

Although acquiring a tool is advisable for long-term benefits, the likelihood of needing a key programmer more than once is doubtful.


How to Bypass Pats With a Key


Not everyone can or should incur the additional cost of programming another encoded key.

The PATS system, having been in existence for 20-25 years, has seen a decline in effectiveness over time.

While a combination of various safety systems can enhance theft prevention, I acknowledge the desire to eliminate Ford’s PATS system.

The process to permanently bypass the PATS system is quite straightforward:

  1. Disassemble the ignition key grip to access the RFID chip.
  2. Carefully remove the chip from its housing, then reassemble the key.
  3. Temporarily secure the RFID chip close to the ignition lock using tape.
  4. Insert the key and attempt to start the vehicle. Reposition the chip and give it another go if the engine still won’t start.
  5. Once you can reliably start the engine, use super glue or other means to securely affix the chip.Now, you’ll be able to start the car with any copy of the key!



How To Program A New Key Fob


In addition to using a diagnostic tool or visiting a locksmith with the original key and the new copy, there’s one more procedure to attempt before exploring other methods.

Ensure that the new key has an unprogrammed chip inside.

You can program the new key by following these steps:

  1. Insert the old key into the ignition, start the engine, and then turn it off.
  2. Immediately insert the new key and start the engine.


Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Turn Off My Ford Immobilizer?


Switching the ignition on with a correctly coded key automatically disarms the engine immobilizer.

If the information display shows the message “Immobiliser active,” it indicates that your key has not been recognized.

Remove the key and try again.


How Do I Get My Car Out Of Anti-theft Mode?


Yes, you’re right! The anti-theft system can be manually reset by following these steps:

  1. First, insert your key and hold it in the “off” position for 30 seconds.
  2. Then, turn the key to the “on” position and wait at least 10 minutes.
  3. Next, flip the key back to the “off” position for 30 seconds.
  4. Lastly, repeat the cycle as needed.




In conclusion, Ford’s introduction of the PATS system aimed to bolster vehicle security, although it’s often perceived as an obstacle to easy key replacement.

The system, implemented in 1996, acts as an anti-theft measure, ensuring the car starts only with the original key.

Despite its effectiveness, bypassing the PATS system without the key is impossible.

However, if you possess the original key, a straightforward process allows you to permanently bypass the system.

The PATS system, with components like the encoded ignition key and transceiver module, has remained a resilient security feature over the years.

For those without the key, options include calling a locksmith or buying a car key programmer.

While a tool provides long-term benefits, the more economical choice is professional assistance.

Disabling the PATS system, though feasible, involves a simple process of repositioning the RFID chip within the key.

Finally, programming a new key fob involves specific steps, offering an alternative solution.

Frequently asked questions address concerns about the immobilizer and manual resetting of the anti-theft system, providing comprehensive insights into managing PATS-related issues.

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