How Much Can a Ford Ranger Tow? Prepare To Be Amazed!

How much can a Ford Ranger tow?

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Owning a pickup truck offers numerous advantages, especially when it comes to towing campers, boats, and various trailers.

However, not all trucks share the same towing capabilities.

This makes it essential to determine your truck’s towing capacity before hitching up a trailer and hitting the road.

One of the most popular midsize trucks on the market today is the 2020 Ford Ranger.

So, just how much can it tow?

The presence or absence of a tow package significantly influences your maximum tow rating with the 2020 Ford Ranger.

Without a tow package, the 2020 Ford Ranger boasts a maximum tow rating of 3,500 lbs.

With a tow package, your maximum tow rating increases to 7,500 lbs.

What does this mean in practical terms for what you can tow?

With a 3,500 lb maximum tow rating, you can confidently tow small fishing boats, motorcycles, ATVs, smaller campers, and smaller cargo trailers.

With the upgraded 7,500 lb capacity provided by a tow package, you can expand your towing capabilities to include medium-sized campers, cargo trailers, and boats.


What Is Towing Capacity?


Your vehicle’s towing capacity determines how much weight it can safely pull with a trailer without causing damage to the trailer or equipment.

We strongly advise taking all necessary precautions to avoid exceeding the maximum towing capacity as specified in your owner’s manual.

You can ascertain your vehicle’s towing capacity through several methods.

First, by consulting the owner’s manual. Locating the sticker on the driver’s side door jamb containing the printed number.

Secondly, by calculating it independently.

To calculate it, subtract the curb weight from the gross combined weight of your vehicle (including everything loaded on it and the weight of the trailer).

Curb weight is your vehicle’s average weight when empty.

However, the most straightforward method to find your vehicle’s towing capacity is always by obtaining the manufacturer’s number.


How Much Can A Ford Ranger Tow?


The Ford Ranger commands a significant presence in the midsize pickup truck segment.

This largely owes to its remarkable towing capabilities.

A basic 2021 Ford Ranger can tow approximately 3,500 pounds, but this only scratches the surface of its true potential.

When you equip it with the Trailer Tow Package, the 2021 Ford Ranger boasts a towing capacity of up to 7,500 pounds.

What makes this even more impressive is the consistency of the Ford Ranger’s towing capacity across different model years.

The same towing figures hold true for the 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Ford Rangers.

The Trailer Tow Package is an essential addition to optimize your capabilities.

That is If you’re serious about maximizing your Ford Ranger’s towing capacity.



How Much Is The Ford Ranger’s Payload Capacity?


If you’re unfamiliar with the term, payload represents the maximum weight a vehicle can carry, encompassing passengers, luggage, fuel, and anything beyond the vehicle’s own weight.

To calculate payload, subtract the vehicle’s curb weight from its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

GVWR is the maximum weight the truck can safely carry, including itself.

GVWR corresponds to the maximum weight that can be safely distributed on components like the truck’s wheels, axles, and frame.

For more information on payload, you can refer to our dedicated post here.

The Ford Ranger has a GVWR of 6,050 lbs, and its curb weight ranges from 3,922 to 4,441 lbs, depending on the model.

To precisely determine your truck’s curb weight, locate a public scale and weigh it.

Using Ford’s provided figures, the Ford Ranger’s payload capacity falls between 1,609 and 2,128 lbs.

In simpler terms, you can transport four people, each weighing 150 lbs (totalling 600 lbs), a full tank of gas (18 gallons at approximately 6 lbs per gallon = 108 lbs), and still have the capacity to carry an additional 901 to 1,227 lbs of whatever else you need.

That’s a substantial payload!



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the load capacity of the Ford Ranger in KG?


The payload capacity varies from 985kg in the Wildtrak to 1327kg in the single cab chassis XL equipped with the 2.0-liter ‘bi-turbo’ engine.


Is the Ford Ranger heavy on fuel?


The 4×2 manual drivetrain boasts a claimed average consumption of 6.5 l/100km, while the automatic transmission is a bit thirstier at 7.6 l/100km.


How many km can a Ford Ranger go on a full tank of gas?

With its 80L fuel tank, it can cover a distance of approximately 964km on a full tank.

The Ranger has dimensions of 1815mm (71.5 inches) in height, 5359mm (211.0 inches) in length, 1850mm (72.8 inches) in width, and a 3220mm (126.8 inches) wheelbase, resulting in an unladen weight of 2118kg (4669.4 lbs).




The 2020 Ford Ranger offers impressive towing capabilities, with a maximum capacity of 3,500 lbs without a tow package and 7,500 lbs with one.

Its consistent towing capacity across different model years makes it a reliable choice for various towing needs.

Additionally, the Ford Ranger provides a substantial payload capacity, ranging from 1,609 to 2,128 lbs, ensuring you can carry passengers and cargo while staying within safe weight limits.

Overall, it’s a versatile and dependable option in the midsize truck category.

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