How Many Miles Does a Ford Fusion Last? Unveiling the Longevity Secrets!

How many miles does a Ford Fusion last?

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When you’re in the market for a new or second-hand Fusion, you’re likely aiming to maximize the value you get.

Let’s begin by addressing our main question:

What is the potential lifespan of a Ford Fusion?

On average, a Ford Fusion can cover a distance of 190,000 to 220,000 miles.

Owners of Ford Fusion vehicles generally require unscheduled repairs about 0.33 times annually, with a 12% probability of encountering serious issues.

Moreover, the annual expenditure on repair costs for Ford Fusion owners averages around $495.14.

However, our discussion doesn’t end here.

Below, we will elaborate on the potential mileage a Ford Fusion can achieve.

Subsequently, we will compare Fusion to some of its competitors to determine which one is most likely to surpass a mileage of 150,000 or more.


How to make your Ford Fusion last long.


Ford Fusions can have a considerable lifespan if treated well and maintained appropriately.

With proper care and maintenance, a Ford Fusion that is not subjected to abuse can typically endure for around 200,000 miles or approximately 15 years.

However, you should do certain things to ensure that your Ford Fusion will last that long or even longer:


Regular Engine Oil Changes


The engine serves as the core of your Ford Fusion, functioning as the primary driver of your vehicle.

It is crucial to maintain its health by consistently changing its oil according to the guidelines outlined in the operator’s manual.

For Ford Fusions, it’s imperative to use a specific type of synthetic oil, avoiding any substitutions.

Additionally, the manual prescribes topping off the oil after every 5,000 miles.

Furthermore, there are precise instructions detailing when a complete engine oil change is necessary.

By adhering to these instructions diligently, you can ensure that your Ford Fusion is poised to achieve the total mileage as indicated by Ford Motor Co.


Change transmission fluid when necessary.


As per the guidelines outlined in the Ford Fusion operator’s manual, it is recommended to change the transmission fluid of the car every 25,000 miles.

Adhering to this instruction diligently is crucial to ensure consistently smooth and seamless gear shifts during your driving experience.


Clean the air filters regularly


One particular filter that requires your attention is the air filter.

Neglecting its regular cleaning can lead to a decrease in the engine’s efficiency.

The air filter plays a crucial role in filtering the air that enters the combustion chamber.

Its primary function is to prevent any contaminants present in the intake air from infiltrating the essential cylinders.

Given that the combustion cycle is a continuous process while driving, this filter holds significance.

Over time, dust and dirt accumulate, causing the filter to become clogged.

It’s essential to eliminate this debris, as failing to do so can result in a loss of engine power.


How Long Do Ford Fusions Last Compared to Similar Car Models?


Ford Fusion vs. Mazda6


The Mazda6 outlasts the Ford Fusion, with potential mileage reaching up to 250,000 miles for Mazda6 drivers.

Ford Fusions generally achieve a maximum of 200,000 miles, although certain units can surpass the 250,000-mile mark.

Conversely, Ford Fusion tends to have a longer lifespan before encountering issues compared to the Mazda6.

Most Ford Fusion owners report their vehicles running smoothly for around 100,000 miles before experiencing their first problem.

On the other hand, Mazda6 tends to develop problems earlier, typically at the 55,000-mile mark.

However, when problems do arise in the Ford Fusion, they become more frequent and costlier to address compared to the Mazda6.

The average annual repair costs for Mazda6 amount to only $462, significantly lower than the repair expenses associated with the Fusion.


Ford Fusion vs. Hyundai Sonata


Both vehicles are capable of exceeding 200,000 miles in terms of mileage.

Nevertheless, the Hyundai Sonata stands out by requiring less fuel to achieve this goal.

The Sonata can cover 25 city miles with just one gallon of fuel, whereas the Ford Fusion covers only 23 city miles.

It’s important to note that both the Ford Fusion and Hyundai Sonata are susceptible to rust.

Owners of both vehicles have reported rust-related concerns approximately three years after their initial purchase.

Ford Fusion users noticed rust appearing on the trunk lid, while Hyundai Sonata owners observed it on the car’s frame.

Hyundai addressed this issue by providing affected users with complimentary repairs.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Ford does not extend the same offer for free repairs on rust issues related to chrome components.


Ford Fusion vs. Honda Accord


Your Ford Fusion’s lifespan won’t surpass that of a Honda Accord.

According to Consumer Reports, both vehicles can travel an average of 200,000 miles on the road with regular maintenance.

They also provide identical warranties, featuring a 36,000-mile basic warranty and a 60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

In terms of reliability, the Honda Accord outperforms the Ford Fusion significantly.

While Ford Fusions are more budget-friendly than Honda Accords, this cost-effectiveness advantage ends when compared to the Honda Accord.

Maintenance and repair expenses are notably lower for the Honda Accord compared to the Ford Fusion.

For instance, repairing a muffler on a Ford Fusion costs $100 more than on a Honda Accord.

Overall, the Honda Accord holds the edge in terms of longevity when compared to the Ford Fusion.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best type of Ford Fusion?


The most favourable years for the Ford Fusion are 2008, 2012, 2016-2017, 2018, and 2019-2020.

In contrast, it’s advisable to steer clear of the years 2006-2007, 2009, 2010-2011, 2013, and 2014-2015.

The years to avoid are plagued by concerns such as recalls, complaints, difficulties with catalytic converters, and elevated annual repair expenses.


Do Ford Fusions go fast?


The 2021 Ford Fusion Titanium trim boasts a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 7 seconds.

Additionally, it achieves a quarter-mile time of 15.7 seconds.




In conclusion, understanding the potential lifespan of a Ford Fusion is essential when considering its longevity on the road.

The average mileage a Ford Fusion can cover falls within the range of 190,000 to 220,000 miles.

Regular maintenance is crucial, with unscheduled repairs occurring approximately 0.33 times per year and a 12% chance of facing severe issues.

On average, Ford Fusion owners spend around $495.14 annually on repair costs.

To maximize the lifespan of your Ford Fusion perform regular engine oil changes, transmission fluid maintenance and air filter cleaning.

Ultimately, understanding these factors and choosing the right model year can greatly influence the longevity and overall satisfaction of owning a Ford Fusion.

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