Does Ford Own Jaguar? A Purr-spective on Past, Present, and Future

The iconic image of a sleek Jaguar prowling alongside a dependable Ford truck paints a picture of contrasting automotive personalities.

But have these paths ever truly intertwined? Does Ford currently own a Jaguar, or is it merely a relic of a bygone era?

Buckle up, gearheads, as we delve into the fascinating history of these two brands, explore their brief union, and understand the current ownership landscape.

Does Ford Own Jaguar?
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Does Ford Own Jaguar? Jaguar’s Roar Through Time (1922–1999)

Jaguar, established in 1922, burst onto the scene with its luxurious, high-performance vehicles, such as the iconic E-Type, securing its place in British automotive history.

However, its journey faced challenges.

Financial ups and downs and changes in ownership characterized its path, with periods under British Motor Corporation and British Leyland before eventually coming under American ownership.

Ford’s Acquisition of Jaguar (1999–2008)

In 1999, Ford recognized Jaguar’s brand value and potential, so they bought it for $2.3 billion.

This unexpected partnership aimed to combine Ford’s manufacturing expertise with Jaguar’s luxury image.

They started sharing platforms for models like the S-Type and X-Type, hoping to appeal to a broader market. However, the merger faced more difficulties than expected.

Why the Union Stalled

Several factors conspired to hinder the Ford-Jaguar union:

  1. Financial Woes: The late 2000s recession hit Ford hard, forcing them to shed assets to stay afloat.
  2. Profits Lost in the Roar: Despite efforts, Jaguar consistently failed to turn a profit under Ford’s ownership.
  3. Clashing Cultures: Merging a luxury-focused Jaguar with Ford’s mass-market approach proved culturally and strategically misaligned.

Who owns Jaguar now? Tata Motors Takes the Wheel (2008–Present)

In 2008, seeking financial solace, Ford relinquished its grip on Jaguar and its sister brand, Land Rover, selling them to Indian multinational Tata Motors for the same $2.3 billion price tag.

This marked a new chapter for both brands.

Jaguar’s Second Wind

Under Tata’s leadership, Jaguar experienced a revival. They refocused on their unique brand identity, investing heavily in research and development.

New models like the F-Pace and I-Pace SUVs broadened their market reach while retaining their premium image.

Does Ford Own Jaguar?

Where Ford Stands Today

Presently, Ford focuses on its core brands:

  • Ford: The flagship brand, offering a diverse range of cars, trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles.
  • Lincoln: The luxury division, catering to premium vehicle enthusiasts.
  • Mustang: The legendary performance car brand holds a special place in automotive history.

Does Ford own Jaguar? Other Brands in Ford’s Garage

Ford’s journey hasn’t been confined to just its current lineup. Over the years, they’ve acquired and later sold several other automotive brands, including:

  1. Aston Martin: The iconic British luxury sports car brand, was owned by Ford from 1989 to 2007.
  2. Volvo Cars: The Swedish automaker known for safety and innovation, was under Ford’s ownership from 1999 to 2010.
  3. Mercury: A defunct Ford brand offering mid-range passenger cars, discontinued in 2011.
  4. Land Rover: The British off-road and SUV specialist, was acquired alongside Jaguar in 1999 and sold to Tata Motors in 2008.


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