Does Ford Edge Have 3rd Row Seating? Discover The Truth!

Does Ford Edge have 3rd-row seating?

A photo of Ford's interior - Does Ford Edge have 3rd row seating?
Does Ford Edge have 3rd row seating? Image source: cars Blog


The Ford Edge, while lacking a third row of seats, boasts a spacious and comfortable cabin suitable for a small family or group of adults.

However, for those seeking greater passenger capacity, the Ford Explorer presents an excellent option.

Featuring a third row of seats and a similar price point.


Does Ford Edge Have 3rd Row Seating?


Regrettably, in contrast to numerous other midsize SUVs, the Ford Edge does not incorporate a third row.

This results in a maximum passenger capacity of five for this SUV.

Albeit the absence of a third row contributes to a notably roomy interior.

However, the Ford Edge, on the whole, falls short of impressive when compared to its competitors.

Even with the availability of an optional turbocharged V-6 engine and a limited selection of features.

Here are some of the key specifications for the Ford Edge:

  • Starting MSRP: $38,905
  • Passenger capacity: 5
  • Maximum towing capacity: 1500 pounds
  • Fuel economy (combined/city/highway): 23 / 21 / 28
  • Drivetrain: All-wheel drive
  • Maximum horsepower @ RPM: 250 @ 5500
  • Maximum torque @ RPM: 275 @ 3000


Can You Install The 3-Row Seating On Your Ford Edge Yourself?


The DIY approach to car design offers numerous possibilities for customization.

Some individuals opt to replace bench seating with captain seats.

While others may even overhaul the entire design to align with their personal style.

However, when it comes to the Ford Edge, adding a third row of seats is not an option.

This limitation is rooted in the vehicle’s original interior design.

The primary focus of the Ford Edge is to deliver ample cargo space, boasting approximately 40 cubic feet, which is quite substantial.

However, the vehicle’s structural design does not allow for the incorporation of additional seating in this space.

Attempting to squeeze in a third row towards the rear would result in a complete loss of legroom, rendering it uncomfortable even for small children.

Consequently, there is no provision for bench seating or captain’s seats.

The interior of any SUV model has its spatial constraints, and if Ford deemed it feasible to include a third row in the Edge, they would have likely offered it as an option by now.

Instead, they prioritized ensuring that even the tallest adult passengers could enjoy comfort in the second row.


How Much Does It Cost To Upgrade To 3rd Row Seating On Your Ford Edge?


In the American markets, there is no option to upgrade to third-row seating for the Ford Edge.

A single Ford Edge model with a third row of seating was introduced, but this modification also extended the wheelbase, altering the SUV’s appearance.

It was unveiled at an event in Guangzhou, China, necessitating the addition of a new rear to accommodate the extra space.

The fundamental design of the Ford Edge does not support the addition of a third row.

Instead, Ford provides two other models with third-row seating options for those seeking greater seating capacity: the Ford Flex and the Ford Explorer.

Here are the base prices for these models:


In essence, if you desire a Ford SUV with a third row, it would be more cost-effective to consider one of the other models rather than attempting to retrofit the Ford Edge.


Is The Ford Edge Good For Big Families And Long Trips?


For families consisting of two kids, the Ford Edge can be a suitable choice.

However, for extended journeys, such as road trips, you might need to find additional storage solutions like a cargo basket or roof rack to accommodate extra luggage.

Nevertheless, passengers should find the available space comfortable.

On the other hand, if you intend to squeeze three passengers into the second row, be aware that it may not provide the most comfortable seating for extended hours.

We suggest utilizing the maximum seating capacity for shorter trips and drives where you won’t have luggage occupying valuable cargo space.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which Ford Has 7 Seats?


The Ford S-Max is a practical seven-seater with ample space for five adults in the first two rows, along with a third row that accommodates two seats, ideal for children.


Is Ford Edge Bigger Than Rav4?


In fact, the 2021 Ford Edge qualifies as a midsize SUV, while the Toyota RAV4 is designated as a compact SUV.

Consequently, the Edge boasts a greater overall size compared to the RAV4, particularly in the rear.




The Ford Edge does not come equipped with 3rd-row seating, limiting its maximum passenger capacity to five individuals.

Nevertheless, it remains a comfortable choice for small families or groups of adults, offering ample space in its cabin.

However, for those seeking greater passenger capacity, the Ford Explorer emerges as an excellent alternative.

The Ford Explorer features a third row of seats and falls within a similar price range.

This additional seating capacity makes it a suitable choice for families or individuals requiring more room for passengers.

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