Do Ford Transits Have Seats That Fold Flat? Find Out Now!

Do Ford Transits Have Seats That Fold Flat?

An image of a Ford Transit - Do Ford Transits Have Seats That Fold Flat?
Do Ford Transits Have Seats That Fold Flat? Image source: Ford


The Ford Transit offers ample space for passengers or cargo, making it an excellent choice for various transportation needs.

Today, several models of Ford Transit vans are available, but this article focuses specifically on their passenger variants.

The 2022 Ford Transit Van accommodates up to 15 seats, providing ample room for both passengers and their luggage.


Do Ford Transits Have Seats That Fold Flat?


Ford Transit vans do not feature seats that fold flat, yet they remain ideal for accommodating large families, boasting configurations with space for up to 15 seats in recent models.

Customization options for your Transit van extend to size and seating arrangements, allowing you to tailor the vehicle to your specific requirements.

Whether your priority lies in cargo space or passenger accommodation, you have the flexibility to create the perfect van for your needs.

However, for increased cargo space in a 15-seat Ford Transit, removing the seats is necessary, as they do not fold down flat.

Alternatively, if foldable seats are desired, opting for a Ford Transit Connect would be the appropriate choice.


Do Ford Transit Seats Fold Down?


Folding down seats in a vehicle offers a convenient solution for expanding cargo space, and accommodating work equipment or multiple suitcases with ease.

However, if you’re considering whether you can fold the seats in a Ford Transit passenger van, the answer is unfortunately no.

Regardless of the number of seats it has, a standard Transit van does not feature foldable seats.

Nevertheless, there’s no need to lose hope. If you require more space in your Transit Van, you have the option to remove the seats to create additional room, which will be elaborated on later.

On the other hand, the smaller Ford Transit Connect offers the flexibility of foldable seats. It is available either in a hollowed-out configuration or with up to seven seats

This Transit variant boasts a more car-like feel compared to the larger standard van, and folding the seats flat is a quick and straightforward process.


How To Fold Seats Flat In Ford Transit Connect


Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide to folding down the seats in your Ford Transit Connect for maximum cargo space:

  1. Begin by pushing down the head restraints on the second-row seats until they are flush against the seat backs.
  2. Locate the strap on the side of each seat, near the door.
  3. Pull on the strap to fold down the seat. Once you see the red section of the strap, it indicates that the latch is fully disengaged.
  4. After folding the seat flat, you’ll notice two additional straps on the back of the seat. Pull the longer strap and push the folded seat forward to create even more space.
  5. Once all second-row seats are folded down, move on to the rear seats. Locate the strap in the seat bite, the gap between the base cushion and back of the seat.
  6. Pull the strap to flip the seat so the bottom faces up.
  7. Look for a small red strap on the side of the seat and pull it to fold the seat forward.
  8. To fold down the second-row seats from the third row, pull on the shorter strap found on the back of the second-row seats.
  9. After the seat folds forward, pull on the longer strap to unlock it, allowing you to push it down completely for a flatter surface and more space.
  10. For added convenience in storing cargo, pull out the floor support panels and place them over the top of the folded-down seats.



Are Ford Transit Seats Removable?


Removing seats in a standard Ford Transit van is a viable option to increase cargo space.

While it may initially seem more labour-intensive compared to folding seats, the process is simpler than anticipated.

With the potential for up to five rows of seating, eliminating the rear seats can significantly expand available space.

If your needs fluctuate between transporting passengers and accommodating large cargo, the Ford Transit provides versatility.

The removal process for Ford Transit seats is straightforward and becomes easier with familiarity, making it a practical solution for optimizing cargo capacity.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Put Seats In A Transit Custom?


For customizable van solutions explore CoTrim’s offerings. Featuring removable Crew Van passenger seating and Double Cabin fixed bench options with a moulded ABS bulkhead.

Additionally, check out their Flexivan area for sliding and removable rock ‘n’ roll seat bed systems.

CoTrim specializes in Transit or Custom crew van conversions, ensuring you find the perfect setup for your needs.


How Many Seats Does A Ford Transit Crew Cab Have?

An image of Ford Transit's interior = Do Ford Transits Have Seats That Fold Flat
Do Ford Transits Have Seats That Fold Flat? Image source: Ford


The Transit Double-Cab-in-Van offers ample space for your entire work crew and their equipment.

With three front passenger seats and a generous second row, it accommodates up to seven occupants comfortably.

Additionally, the fully glazed sliding side door ensures unrestricted access for rear passengers, enhancing convenience and efficiency on the job.




In conclusion, the Ford Transit offers versatile solutions for both passenger and cargo transportation needs.

While standard Transit vans do not feature foldable seats, they can accommodate large families with configurations of up to 15 seats.

Alternatively, the Ford Transit Connect provides foldable seats for increased cargo space.

Customization options allow for tailored arrangements to suit specific requirements, making the Ford Transit an adaptable choice for various purposes.

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