Did Ford Ever Make A Mustang Station Wagon: The Secret History

The Ford Mustang, an enduring symbol of American muscle cars, has always embodied speed, power, and the classic two-door design.

But in the mid-1960s, a fascinating concept emerged that dared to challenge the Mustang’s traditional blueprint: the Mustang station wagon.

Although never mass-produced, this concept captivated enthusiasts with its unique blend of style and utility.

Conceived through the collaboration of an ad executive, a designer, and a car enthusiast, Ford may have rejected the prototype, but its legend lives on.

An image of ford Mustang
Today, it continues to inspire car enthusiasts to imagine the possibilities of combining muscle and practicality in innovative ways.

Custom Mustang Station Wagon

The allure of a Custom Mustang Station Wagon has sparked the ingenuity of car enthusiasts worldwide, resulting in a plethora of distinctive and imaginative creations over time.

While the whereabouts of the original 1965 Mustang Station Wagon prototype by Intermeccanica remains a mystery, its concept has ignited the imagination of countless individuals, inspiring them to fashion their bespoke versions.

Among these remarkable endeavors stands Joe Kamp’s 1965 Ford Mustang Station Wagon. Kamp, a self-taught automotive craftsman, embarked on his journey using a 1965 Mustang coupe as the base for his project.

Employing 100% steel, he meticulously sculpted the wagon body, preserving as many factory elements as possible.

With precision, Kamp extended and slightly widened the original roof, seamlessly integrating it with sections of the original C-pillars at the rear.

Kamp’s keen eye for detail ensured that the wagon maintained its sporty aesthetic, featuring a subtly sloping roof and retaining the rear quarter windows.

Inside, he tailored the interior to perfection, outfitting it with a bench-style front seat ideal for a wagon, complemented by a bespoke center console clad in rich brown vinyl.

While the backseat remained true to the 1965 coupe’s design, modern comforts such as air conditioning and an AM/FM/CD stereo were seamlessly integrated into the custom console.

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