Can You Flat Tow A Ford Bronco? Discover The Ultimate Guide!

Can you flat tow a Ford Bronco?

Ford Bronco being towed - Can You Flat Tow A Ford Bronco?
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If you have an interest in flat towing your Ford Bronco, you’re fortunate.

The Ford Bronco owner’s manual for models 2021 and newer states that all Broncos, irrespective of trim and drivetrain, can be flat towed safely.

However, flat towing older models might present some significant safety threats.


Can You Flat Tow A Ford Bronco?


If the Ford Bronco you intend to flat tow is from 2021 or later, it can be flat towed safely.

The 2021 Ford Bronco owner’s manual confirms that the vehicle can be flat towed without any issues, regardless of whether it is equipped with a manual or automatic transmission.

However, for older Ford Bronco models and the Ford Bronco Sport, attempting flat towing can cause severe damage to the transmission and is strongly advised against.

Flat towing an older Ford Bronco model contrary to the owner’s manual guidance may lead to the voiding of both warranty and insurance coverage.

While flatbed trucks and trailers are often considered the ultimate solution for towing, this method can become costly.

Fortunately, flat towing, which involves towing a vehicle with all four wheels on the ground, provides a more budget-friendly option for drivers wanting to tow their vehicles behind a motorhome.

However, the drawback of flat towing is that if not done correctly, it can pose a risk of causing significant damage to your vehicle, particularly when incompatible cars are involved.


What You Need To Flat Tow A Ford Bronco.


An image of a Ford Bronco - Can You Flat Tow A Ford Bronco
Can You Flat Tow A Ford Bronco? Image source: Reddit


To flat tow any vehicle safely, you’ll need specific equipment.

Let’s explore the necessary items to help you determine if flat towing is suitable for your needs:

  1. Vehicle that can be flat towed.
  2.  Trailer hitch on the tow vehicle.
  3. Tow bar to connect the two vehicles.
  4. Base plate kit installed on the tow vehicle.
  5. Tow bar wiring kit. This ensures that the brake lights on the towed vehicle synchronize with the lights on the RV.
  6. Safety cables for additional protection against the two vehicles detaching.
  7. Supplemental braking system.



How To Flat Tow A Ford Bronco?


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to flat tow a new Ford Bronco safely:

  1. Connect the tow bar to the Ford Bronco by attaching it to the D-ring connections.
  2. Run the tow bar to the RV’s receiver hitch to connect it to the RV.
  3. Attach breakaway chains between the RV and the Ford Bronco.
  4. Connect the breakaway brake wire from the Bronco to a solid point on the RV.
  5. Use the light harness to connect from the Ford Bronco to the seven-way trailer wiring connection point.
  6. Start the Ford Bronco and let it idle at about 1,000 RPMs.
  7. Ensure that an automatic Ford Bronco is in the “Park” position.
  8. Put the 4×4 transfer switch into the neutral position.
  9. Wait for the light on the transfer case to indicate that it is locked in the neutral position before proceeding.
  10. Turn off the Bronco’s engine.
  11. Turn the key one click back to the position prior to “accessory” to unlock the steering wheel.
  12. For a manual transmission Bronco, put it into third gear with the engine off. Step on the clutch and shift.
  13. Install the brake controller between the brake pedal and the driver’s seat.
  14. Connect the brake controller to the 12VDC power source.
  15. Pull the breakaway wire to test the brake controller. If it applies the brakes fully, reattach the breakaway wire. Never tow any vehicle if the brake controller is not functioning properly.
  16. Turn on the RV lights and check that the turn signals, brake lights, and running lights on the Ford Bronco are all on and working.
  17. With these steps completed, you can now safely tow the Ford Bronco behind your RV.



Is Flat Towing A Ford Bronco Easier?


The ease of flat towing a vehicle depends on the specific make and model.

Certain vehicles are designed to be flat towed without requiring additional steps, while others necessitate modifications before being ready for flat towing.

Trucks and most SUVs typically allow for easy attachment of the hitch plate, while smaller cars and those with unibody frames may require modifications to facilitate flat towing.

In some cases, vehicles may require the detachment of their drive shafts to ensure safe flat towing.

This additional step not only introduces extra procedures but also incurs added expenses if performed by a professional.


Is Flat Towing A Ford Bronco Safer?


Flat towing can be a secure and lawful towing method, provided that specific crucial criteria are met.

Failure to adhere to these criteria can result in damage to one or both vehicles, as well as serious injuries.

Therefore, before embarking on towing, ensure a clear understanding and adherence to the following:

  1. Well-maintained Towed Vehicle:
    – Ensure the vehicle being towed is in good condition.
    – Considering that flat towing involves all four wheels on the ground, confirm that tires are adequately inflated and possess a safe amount of tread.
  2. Tow Vehicle within Capacity Limits:                                                                                           – Before connecting anything to your tow hitch, be aware of and adhere to your vehicle’s maximum towing capacity.
    – Exceeding this capacity can cause damage to your vehicle’s engine, transmission, suspension system, and brakes.
    – Going beyond the towing limit increases the risk of jackknifing and detachment.
  3. Compatibility of the Towed Vehicle:
    – Confirm that the vehicle being towed is suitable for flat towing.
    – Certain vehicles may not be designed for this method, and attempting to flat tow them can result in damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is There A Tow Mode For Bronco?


In such situations, the manufacturer suggests utilizing a mode explicitly designed for towing.

For Ford vehicles, this mode is referred to as TOW/HAUL mode.


Can The Automatic Bronco Be Flat Towed?


Flat towing your 2021 Bronco or newer models is safe, whether equipped with a manual or automatic transmission, and irrespective of your Bronco’s drivetrain or trim style.

It’s crucial to emphasize that you should only flat-tow model year 2021 Broncos or newer.




Flat towing a Ford Bronco, specifically the 2021 model or newer, is a viable option regardless of transmission type or trim style.

Adhering to proper equipment and procedures is crucial for safety and to prevent damage to both the towing and towed vehicles.

To flat tow a Ford Bronco, ensure the towed vehicle is well-maintained, stay within the tow vehicle’s capacity limits, and verify compatibility.

Follow a step-by-step guide, including connecting the tow bar, setting up the vehicle, and confirming the functionality of lights and brakes.

For Ford Bronco owners, using the manufacturer-recommended TOW/HAUL mode is advised.

Only model year 2021 Bronco or newer should be flat-towed to avoid serious damage and voiding warranty and insurance coverage.

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